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Short horror film I helped make for Taspolitation challenge wins award
POSTED 9:36am | 12 FEBRUARY 2016
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In January I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the Hobart Hemoglobins team for the annual 48-Hour Tasploitation Short Horror Film Challenge by team captain Richard Williams and director Mark Thompson.

The competition was created by local director Briony Kidd as an offshoot of her Stranger With My Face International Film Festival. It challenges teams to write, produce, shoot, edit, score, and deliver a short horror film all within a 48 hour period. At the start of the challenge each team is given a specific horror genre, a prop, and a line of dialogue they must include in their film.

For the Hobart Hemoglobins our genre was Giallo (Italian horror), a bottle of hand sanitiser, and any lyric from a David Bowie song. That lyric was "the return of the Thin White Duke / Throwing darts in lovers eyes" from the song Station to Station, although we used plenty of other Bowie lines throughout the film.

The 48 hour period started on Friday evening 22 January and the whole edited film had to be delivered by Sunday evening 24 January, with the screening and awards night on Monday 25 January. My role was as sound designer, but as with everything like this everyone took on multiple roles within the team to get the thing done.

On the Friday night I was able to explain a little of what the Giallo genre was to the team, as many had never heard of it, and helped with story development. On the Saturday, which is when we conducted the shoot, I was just the boom operator. On the Sunday, the editing day, I composed and recorded an original score, inspired by other Giallo film scores, and recorded foley sounds, as well as created other sound effects.

On the Monday night, at the end of the screening, our film won the prestigious Audience Choice Award, garnering the most votes from the attendees at the screening. That award put us in the running for the grand prize, to be decided by international film producer Julie Corman, with the winner of the Jury Award for Best Film. [UPDATE 28.02.2016 We did not win the Grand Prize :( ]

Our film was called The Thin White Duke, and I'll post a link to the video when it goes public. [UPDATE 28.02.2016 Here is that link to the video: The Thin White Duke.] You can look over photos from the competition and other videos made for the challenge at the public facebook page: 48-Hour Tasploitation Challengers Group.