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Version 3 (beta) of released publicly
POSTED 11:30am | 23 JUNE 2015
I am aware that I do this every year, but I've spent the last few weeks redesigning the website from scratch, updating all my code to HTML5 and CSS3 standards. It's mostly so I can learn this stuff through practice, but also there are a few projects close to being finished that I wanted a fresh site to publish them to.

This is version 3, and is in, I guess, open beta, or something like that. The point is that I've laid a foundation and put up most of the bones, but the site isn't quite finished just yet, so there could be some big flaws somewhere in the code that I'll have to test and find over the next little while. That's just the risk with hand-coding an entire website!

The other point is that I hope to start uploading reviews more consistently, mostly for TV episodes, books, and music as before, if nothing else but to improve my pop culture critical writing and develop stronger habits. This site has always served as a testing ground, but I'm hoping that I can begin to turn it into something more than that over the next six months.

Anyway - update your bookmark because it's probably a little different now, and keep checking back in from time to time to see if anything changes!