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Information regarding this website, teknokryptik, and S. Gerry Edwards
This website is the official personal website of S. Gerry Edwards and all of his creative projects & critical opinions. This is currently the 3rd version of this website, all hand-coded by S. Gerry Edwards. You can read the release notes for the current version if you'd like.
Teknokryptik (styled all lower-case as teknokryptik, pronounced tech-no-crip-tick) is the name of the original music project fronted by S. Gerry Edwards, but also often doubles as his personal handle online or as a brand-name for his personal projects. The teknokryptik motto is "An Exercise In Futility", which accurately represents all endeavours attempted under the teknokryptik name. Very little is often achieved for all the effort put towards teknokryptik projects.
S. Gerry Edwards
Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - where he also currently resides - S. Gerry Edwards is a writer, producer, video editor, and musician who is quite often working on multiple projects in multiple fields at any one time. He has a BA(Hons) in Journalism, Media and Communications from the University of Tasmania and works professionally as a Public Relations, Media Production, and Communications consultant.